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Livpure Touch 2000 Plus

Specially designed for Indian households, Livpure Touch 2000 Plus is a masterpiece. A perfect amalgamation of science and technology, this Livpure water purifier will leave you both content and happy because of its crème-de-la-crème features. Equipped with an advanced filter change indicator system, Livpure Touch RO UV  Purifier comes from the house of Livpure, known for its quick and friendly customer service. Crafted from high-quality raw material, this advanced water purifier will leave the onlooker enthralled.

18,200.00 INR

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Technical Specifications

Livpure Touch 2000 Plus
Pre-filter (optional), sediment filter, activated carbon filter, anti-scalant filter, post-UF filter.
Purification capacity*: 
Up to 15 litres / hour.
Max. Duty cycle: 
up to 75 litres / day.
Storage tank capacity: 
8.5 litres (approx.).
Ro membrane: 
80 GPD (gallons per day).
UV lamp: 
Min. Inlet water pressure: 
0.3 kg / sq cm.
Max. Inlet water pressure**: 
3.0 kg / sq cm.
Input voltage: 
110V - 300V, 50 Hz.
Operating voltage: 
24V DC.
100 psi, 24V DC.

Touch Purity with Intelligent Control

  • India’s first advanced touch technology RO water purifier.
  • Advanced ergonomics to match your modern lifestyle.
  • Advanced filter change indicator system.
  • Quick and friendly customer service.
  • India’s first water purifier with push button water dispensing.
  • Purified water storage capacity of 8.5 litres (approx).
  • Customer care number on display panel.
  • Advance dispensing option to choose from.

* Raw water should be free from iron, heavy metals, oil, grease and chlorine.
** In case of higher pressure, a pressure-reducing valve is recommended.

# Manufacturer reserves the right to change/replace/upgrade any part or component in pursuit of providing continuous improvement in the quality of the products to esteemed customers.

Use a pre-filter cartridge if water has more than 10 ntu turbidity.

Raw water temperature should be between 10°C to 45°C.
Total dissolved solids in feed water should not exceed 2,000 ppm.

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