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Livpure Water Purifier – India’s First "Intelligent" RO Water Purifier

Livpure water purifier, India’s "Intelligent" RO Water Purifier with touch technology, gives the purest sparkling-clear water with an advanced purification system and convenience with time saving.

Livpure RO Water Purifier is a technological breakthrough product of Luminous Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a part of SAR Group, well acclaimed for introducing "Luminous" – a well-respected household brand. In the quest for innovation, "Intelligent" RO Water Purifier has been introduced to set the benchmark for pure water quality. Our product range not only provides exceptional quality but has garnered laurels for it also. For our dedication to deliver unmatched purity and technological innovation, we have been awarded with 'The Most Innovative RO water purifier in India', 'The Fastest Growing RO Water Purifier Brand in India', given by Water Digest organization in association with UNESCO, and ‘India’s Most Promising Brand’ (validated by Ernst and Young). The recognitions have been the result of continuous efforts of our dedicated team who have worked untiringly to create India’s best RO Water Purifier.

Why prefer Livpure RO, UV Drinking Water for your families complete health?

Why Livpure is the best water purifier in India RO, UV Water category?

Welcome to the intelligent world of Livpure, your DNA to good health. Water is life but when contaminated water can cause dreaded diseases like heart problems, skin cancer etc. How do you get best water for drinking? Presenting Livpure, the intelligent RO with an unmatched seven stage purification process and twenty one patents in process. Livpure’s unique seven stages purification process includes:

  • Pre Filter – Removes Physical Impurities
  • Sediment Filter- Removes sand, silt and turbidity
  • Activated Carbon Filter- Removes chlorine, pesticides, smell. Taste Enhancer makes water taste better.
  • Anti Scalant Filter- Removes scaling tendency
  • RO Membrane- 0.0001 micron. Reduces dissolved solids, removes / viruses
  • UV Purifier Filter- Destroys harmful bacteria /viruses
  • Ultra Filtration - Removes residual bacteria /viruses

Livpure, conforming to national and international standard also comes with intelligent features that other ROs don’t have, inclusive of touch technology, Hi-tech push button dispensing options, Filter life indicator, Customer service number display and Indicator for amount of water purifiedLivpure can be installed in your homes with a free water test. Coming with a one year warranty, three mandatory services and the best water purifier after sales service always, Livpure water makes food cooked with it tastier, healthier and safer. No wonder more and more families are proudly drinking Livpure water!

Livpure water purifiers customer reviews & video testimonials best RO, UV

Read what satisfied customer said about Livpure water purifiers RO, UV, UF

Ajay Sharma a resident of Dwarka in Delhi was sick of the hard drinking water he was getting in his locality. He first came across theLivpure RO water purifier at a friend’s place and was very impressed by its performance. He has now been using it for the past 7-8 month with his drinking water problem permanently resolved.

Preeti Rai, a housewife living in Delhi Mahanagar Enclave echoes Ajay’s review of the Livpure water RO. Sick of the bad quality of drinking water available to her, she first learnt about Livpure on TV. Impressed by its technology, she requested a demo of the product. It has been 3-4 months since she has been using this RO and has faced no problems till date. Preeti now advices everyone around her to use Livpure only.

Namrata Goswami, an HR executive living in Ardee city, Gurgaon has been happily using the Livpure RO for the past 6 monthsand has had a similar experience. She first saw the Livpure RO on TV and bought it because of its unique style, one touch and design. Over time, she has advised friends to buy it and those who have are still grateful to Namrata for recommending it.